Isabella & Henrietta Sundog Clothing


Hi, my name is Henrietta, and I am the founder of Sundog Clothing.

Sundog Clothing was born when I made the chance discovery of my daughter, Isabella’s sketchbook. I had gone to chat with her and noticed a sketch on the open page of her book. She let me look through her drawings and I loved them!

They made me feel joyful and inspired, reminding me that among all the routine in our daily lives, there is always creativity to be found. By holding onto this belief, I am reminded how exciting that sense of wonder feels when you see something for the first time and I hope to share that feeling with you.

We have chosen the ubiquitous T-shirt as our canvas for Isabella’s drawings.

Sourced from a trusted supplier who embodies the ethos of Sundog Clothing, you can feel confident that your garment has been made with care and consideration at each stage of the process from growing to finished product with all the best intentions for you and the planet.





There is a New Wave of thinking about how the clothes we wear are  produced and what is sustainable. Be part of that change by taking the conscious action to buy Organic and sustainable.