Organic & Sustainable

Organic & Sustainable

 At Sundog Clothing, we are committed to using garments that are responsibly and sustainably produced.

To be confident that our garments are truly Organic, we have chosen a supplier who has certification from Global Organic Textile Standards, GOTS, the gold standard of Organic auditing. This means that our garments are Organic assured from fibre to finished T-shirt or Sweatshirt. For added integrity, this dynamic standard is also certified by the Soil Association. 

Isabella’s designs are printed with high quality solvent-free water-based inks by expert printers in the UK. We chose our printer for their expertise and their ethical stance on the environment.

Plastic Free Printers

Plastic can enter the environment on the front of T-shirts and our printer has taken a stand not to add to this by using no plastisol printing ink at all. A direct to screen process is used so that using plastic film can be bypassed too.

The print works uses a renewable energy source for all their kWh of electricity.

All waste products are managed responsibly.  Non-retrievable inks are processed by a waste management company.


All our orders are packed with only essential bio-degradable and sustainable packing materials. 

fsc certified cardboard boxes.

Biodegradable tissue paper made from recycled paper. Even the glue in our branded stickers is biodegradable.