1. Where are your garments made?

Our T-shirts and sweatshirts are made in India by Continental Clothing Company from GOTS certified organic cotton.

They are made in a state-of-the art vertically-integrated factory meaning that each process from converting the fibre to finished product is carried out there.

2. What are your organic credentials?

At present, our chosen garment manufacturer has committed to organic cotton and has had GOTS certification since 2007. They have also been the largest organic textile  licensee of the Soil Association for the last five years.

Sundog Clothing plans to apply to be a licensee once we have grown enough to qualify for certification. We want this standard because it is the most stringent and therefore authentic and the kindest one out there!

3. Are your garments ethically made?

In accordance with the International Labour Organisation's conventions, our supplier is audited annually to comply with The Fair Wear Foundation Code of Labour Practices since 2006.

4. What's the carbon footprint?

The factory is powered by green renewable energy from low-impact raw materials giving a 90% reduced carbon footprint certified under the PAS2050 standard by the Carbon Trust in the UK between 2007-2009.

5. Where are your T-shirts and sweatshirts printed?

At an expert printers, Blackwater Studios in the UK.

6. Do they use plastic inks?

Absolutely not due to plastic's persistence in the environment.

All inks used are water-based. NO plastisol or pthalate free inks are used.

7. Are the screens made from plastic film?

No plastic is used.

Direct to screen printing is used which means there is no need to use plastic film.

8. What is the printer's energy consumption?

100% offset electricity which means that the electricity they use is from a renewable energy source. 


1. Do you use plastic in your packaging?

No. We use robust cardboard boxes which is fsc certified

The tissue paper we use is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable.

Our stickers and the adhesive on them are biodegradable complying with European Standard EN 13432


1. What size should I buy?

Our garments are Unisex and the main measurements for each style can be found on the size chart at the foot of our home page, compare them to your body measurments to make your choice.

If you like a close fit, choose your usual size. 

If you like a more relaxed fit go up a size.

2. Do your garments shrink in the wash?

There will be some shrinkage and twisting due to the nature of the manufacturing process. Follow the care instructions and any shrinkage will be within the acceptable limits for dimensional stability.


1. Whose face is it?

Nobody's in particular! It's just a beautiful face inspired by themes of strength in classical art and sculpture.

2. Have you got more designs?

Yes we have! Our plan is never to hold too much stock as we want the garments to be out there worn by people not held in stock where nobody can see them. Once we've sold enough of a design the next design will be introduced. We want to offer a design in a small range of colours at each drop so that the design remains exclusive.