Design, Colour & What's Around Us


 Design, Colour, & What’s Around Us

Our venture has begun.

The spark for Sundog Clothing came when I made a passing glance over my daughter, Izzy’s sketch book. I felt her sketches were good enough to share and with her agreement here we are.

FaceIn is our first design; an open face defined by sweeping lines in Clementine and Violet Prints.

 To free Izzy's sketches from the sketchbook, the medium to showcase them was a simple choice…the ubiquitous T-shirt and sweatshirt. As we know they make perfect wearable canvases. Graphics and colours look fantastic on a T-shirt and their warmer next of kin the Sweatshirt.

The must own, most owned garment staple in most of the worlds wardrobes makes them pretty much accessible to anyone. Their persistence since their rudimentary beginnings in the late 19th century in America is the true mark of a design classic.  F. Scott Fitzgerald, the literary genius was the first to name the T-shirt in his 1920 novel, ‘This Side of Paradise’.

Cotton is a brilliant fibre to wear against your skin. It’s soft, absorbent and breathable and people in Pakistan and India as far back 6000 BCE were cultivating and using cotton. Sadly, it’s enduring popularity and increasing production volumes are taking their toll on the environment and earned Cotton the title, ‘The World’s Dirtiest Crop’.

 I didn’t want our garments to be made from a dirty crop so they had to be Organic Cotton, certified by GOTS. It’s a transparent standard that’s easy to understand and dynamic so that the standard remains current and doesn’t become ‘out of date’.

Design inspiration is all around us in the colours we see, in the natural forms, species and phenomenons that surround us – long may they last 💚


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