Olympic Weightlifting Discovered

Well, here we are promoting and selling our first design #FaceIN on - for want of a better word, 'lush' GOTS certified Organic Cotton T-shirts and sweatshirts.

It's become obvious that they are great to wear in 'everyday, civvie street' as well as when you need to layer up after a session in the gym, pilates studio,yoga studio, pool etc.

I want to talk about Olympic Weightlifting since I discovered this amazing, all encompassing for mind and body sport! 

My chosen go-to activity for the past 13 years has been and still is running and while the benefits are numerous; connecting with the environment as I run through it being my favourite, nothing prepared me for the sheer exhilaration of lifting heavy weights with technique that has to be really considered and mastered combined with strength. I haven't mastered it yet! I would love too!

Previously, my only experience of  Olympic Weightlifting was watching the Olympics on the TV.

The idea for Olympic weightlifting was planted by Danielle Peters  Level 2 BWL coach at BodyHealthClinic.  She had taken up the sport and could see why it's growing in popularity. Benefits to mind and body no matter what age you are outweigh - no pun intended any outdated perceptions about bulk, flexibility, intelligence and any other unfounded myths. What Olympic Weightlifting brings is the calm in your mind before you lift the bar using all the techniques you have practised in those hard hard reps.

Cleans, Clean & Jerk, Snatches, Snatch Balances are in my mind now and when I watch the Olympics in 2020, I will definitely be able to appreciate what skill and talent goes into those moves.


You make your breath count for the explosive movement your muscles have to make to get the bar and you in the correct finishing position.


I was surprised to find out how flexible you need to be to get the great range of motion we see when we watch the pros or anyone who has trained diligently. Ankle and shoulder mobility are currently a work in progress.

Great Squat Form

If you can master this, then you have the basis to lift heavier, better and most importantly safely.


Hook Grip - Getting to grips with that now! 


It's OK to push yourself out of your comfort zone with the right coach. The weight that looks and sounds impossible to lift often isn't! Progress happens with the little additions of weight, lifting a little heavier with each set of reps.

Additional Benefits

Personally, a very noticeable increase in stamina, running long distance is not as tiring and better flexibility is improving my Freestyle stroke in the pool.

So, I hope to bring more news about my Olympic Weightlifting exploits in the future. My next addition to my Weightlifting wardrobe is a pair of  Adidas lifters, my beginners tropical flowered Converses need to go. And that's another thing, you really don't need to spend much on this if you want to give it a try. Flat shoes like Converse are fine to start with. Find a well-qualified coach and you'll be set :)


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